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How to Install and Download Screen Capture Chrome Extension

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Nothing but installing the Screen Capture extension on your system can help you the best in completing small tasks such as taking screen screenshots. As taking screenshots of a particular section is less time-consuming and easy than downloading an entire document. Moreover, installing this extension on your device will not cost you anything, as it is a freely accessible tool. You can use this Screen Capture extension on both the official and personal front. Besides, it lets its users capture screenshots in both PDF and JPEG format. 

Apart from docs and images, it even lets you take screenshots of videos as well. Furthermore, to ease your work, you can use the keyboard shortcut keys or hotkeys to take screenshots which is Alt+Shift+P. The best part is you don’t need app permissions to make it work. To gather information about Screen Capture extension features, installation, and usage, stay tuned till the end of the page.       

Features of Screen Capture Extension

Using the screen capture extension's features while capturing screenshots can make your screenshots even more remarkable. Therefore, some significant ones below can help you understand its productivity and functionality. And these are:  

1.Take Screenshots of any Page.

The very basic feature denotes its specification of taking a screenshot of any entire page, anywhere, and at any time. Moreover, using Chromebook, Windows, and macOS PC/laptop will work best for you to take and save screenshots with a single click.  

2.Take a Screenshot of any Section of the Page.

You should rethink if you think the screen capture cannot take a screenshot of a particular section of a page. Yes, using this downloads chrome extension lets its users take a screenshot of a particular section without any hassles. However, the rest depends on users' choice, whether they want to capture a particular section or an entire page. 

3.Provide a Set of Formats

If you see its rich set of formats, it allows its users to download the screenshots on their device in their preferred format. Moreover, keep in mind downloading and saving screenshots in PNG or JPEG formats. 

4.Keyboard Shortcuts

The Screen Capture downloads chrome extension has given its users a choice to take screenshots by using keyboard shortcut keys. So it can declutter their time from implementing the manual steps. And these are:

“ALT + SHIFT + P” = PNG Format

“ALT + SHIFT + J” = JPEG Format

5.No App-Permission needed

To keep your processing frequent and consistent, it avoids putting you into time-consuming App-permission requirement processing. So you can feel least restricted while capturing screenshots. But the only requirement you need to fulfill is to sign up or log in to your account before using this extension on your system.

6.High-resolution screenshots

How can anyone forget about the quality when it comes to taking screenshots? Therefore, the Screen Capture extension has an inbuilt HD-quality feature that lets you capture screenshots in HD resolution. So your saved screenshots will be clear and clear after some time. 

Installation of Screen Capture Extension

It is only possible to use the Screen Capture downloads chrome extension once and when you install it on your device. Therefore, here you have a few steps regarding the same to guide you throughout the processing:

1.Firstly, visit the official Chrome website and search for the Screen Capture plugin.

2.Once you find it, install this free available extension on your device by clicking here. 

3.Select the blue "Add to Chrome" button when the installation process is complete. 

4.Lastly, end the processing by clicking on the "Add Extension" button. 

Usage of Screen Capture Extension

Once you install the Screen Capture downloads chrome extension on your device, begin learning its usage. And to make it happen, you need to follow the below points to learn how to access it. Therefore,  

1.Pin the extension icon at your screen's top right corner once you install it on your device. Next, you need to search for the 'Puzzle' icon to pin the extension from there to your toolbar. 

2.Ensure to use compatible Chromebooks, Windows, and macOS PC/laptops and Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers.  

3.And that’s how you can complete the processing and start using this Screen Capture extension on your device. 

4.Now, start capturing screenshots in HD quality while working or anytime with a few clicks on your system.

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